Student Life in ASEM

Being a student does not mean just ‘hitting the book’, learning economic theories and doctrines, balance sheets, budgetary management and solving legal cases. To live the student life means to enjoy the moment to the fullest, with involvement in various extra-academical activities, in addition to the quality studies acquired every day.

If you are interested in doing scientific research, or maybe you like to be artistically proud on a stage, to write poems or to volunteer – you will surely have a 10th grade student!

The contest The best student of ASEM – reached its XVIII th edition, traditionally awards the best 10 students of ASEM (bachelor’s and master’s cycle), based on the submitted files, chosen by a competent jury. In the last editions, other equally good students were awarded by the sponsors of the contest, economic agents who invest in the young generation.

The International Scientific Symposium of Young Researchers – a scientific manifestation of tradition, being a good opportunity for the studio students, under the coordination of the teaching staff, to present their most important achievements in certain research.

Internship Fair – a project that aims to create a dialogue, interaction and communication between the student and the business environment. Thus, participants have the opportunity to find a place to practice, or a job, during their student days. It is to be appreciated the involvement of economic agents and public institutions in order to offer young people new opportunities for professional development and growth.

Freshmen’s Ball – student competition where the pairs of first-year students’ representatives of the faculties, compete at various tests: recital, dance, creativity, ingenuity, stage attire and discourse. It’s worth living your student to the fullest!

The contest Miss ASEM – the future businesswoman – competition where the beauty, creativity and talent of the students from ASEM are appreciated both with the oratorical talent and the ability to achieve a successful business plan. All participants are bestowed diplomas of appreciation, prizes offered by the sponsors of the contest, but, especially, with superlative emotions.

Contest of poems On lyrical wings – for students in love with the art of the word, placing it with meaning and craftsmanship on the sheet of paper. The jury gives appreciation to the talent, desire and skills to translate the love of creation and beauty into poetry.

The project Be an ASEM student for a day – an activity for high school students and all those who want to feel like students ‘for a day’. Getting involved, you have the opportunity to ‘taste’ the beauty of the student life, participating in the activities proposed on the university campus, along with the current students and professors of ASEM.