The study programme

Finance and Banking

The Finance and Banking study programme is designed for the training of specialists for the local economy, and the national and international financial industry. Under this programme, you will acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of banking, insurance, investment, taxation, public finance, corporate finance, capital markets, individual finances, etc. You will learn how companies procure and manage their capital, substantiate and apply financial strategies in the public and private sector, institutions that monitor and regulate financial flows, the use of financial instruments, the economic conditions that influence them and much more. The interactive methods applied during the training allow you to practically deepen the acquired knowledge. The mandatory internship carried out within financial and credit institutions, economic entities, banks, insurance companies and public institutions contributes to the consolidation of the gained knowledge.

The bachelor’s programme in Finance and Banking provides high-level professional training and knowledge for its graduates to become specialists capable of generating innovative solutions, applying the results of studies to the challenges of the business environment and disseminating them to develop the knowledge economy.

The graduates of the programme can successfully integrate into the labour market both locally and globally. They can further work in such entities as the National Bank of Moldova, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the National Commission of Financial Market, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova, the State Tax Service, the Customs Service, commercial banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, international audit companies, national and international corporations.

Graduates can continue their studies at Cycle II of higher education – Master’s degree in the following programmes: Banking Administration, Financial and Banking Administration (taught in English), Public Finance and Taxation, Corporate Finance and Insurance, Finance and Company Accounting.


Bachelor of Economic Sciences


Romanian, Russian, English


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Why choose Finance and Banking?

  • The Finance and Banking programme is geared toward meeting the requirements of the business environment by training highly qualified professionals to face today's competitive challenges. Studies in the Finance and Banking program provide students with the opportunity for multilateral development, training the basic skills and knowledge to work in the financial-banking profession.
  • The academic excellence and relevance of the study programme are demonstrated by the performance of a large number of graduates who occupy management positions in the National Bank, relevant Ministries, Tax Services, Commercial Banks, Insurance Companies, Microfinance Institutions, and national and multinational companies, etc.
  • The continuity of the specialization is ensured by the studies in Cycle II - Master's in the following programmes: Financial and Banking Administration (English), Banking Administration, Corporate Finance and Insurance, Finance and Company Accounting, Public Finance and Taxation, Investment and Capital Markets.

Employment opportunities

  • economist/financial manager
  • specialist in the relevant ministries
  • banking specialist
  • financial market specialist
  • insurance agent
  • tax agent
  • Financial Analyst/consultant etc.