Study programme

Information Security

The Information Security study programme has the main goal of training highly qualified engineers, ready to implement project solutions, aimed at ensuring the information security of the SEU, especially with modern information technologies.

They will estimate the company level of information security; develop information systems security policies; assess the risks associated with the use of the company’s information technologies; propose effective ways, mechanisms and tools to ensure the information security of the organization; choose and implement the mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to information resources; formulate solutions for the efficient design of computer applications and systems; develop secure applications in line with the recommendations of international security standards.

The graduates of this study programme can get employed with enterprises and organizations from various branches of the national economy, especially in positions involving information security activities.

Graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies at Cycle II of higher education – the Master’s programme.


Bachelor of Engineering


Romanian, Russian


Social Info

Why choose Information Security?

  • Today's information society is inconceivable without information security.
  • IS is a field driven by creativity, innovative technologies and it is constantly changing.
  • The demand for information security specialists is steadily increasing.
  • Information security specialist salaries are appealing.

Employment opportunities

  • information security engineer
  • analyst
  • programmer
  • computer systems designer.