Application requirements

The application file submitted for competitive admission will include the following documents
  • identity card (passport).
  • the application form for the competitive admission (template approved by ASEM Senate).
  • the study certificate/diploma with the required Appendix (high school graduates from Romania and other counties, the graduates from the admission year shall submit the study certificate, with the mark sheets from the baccalaureate exams and the academic results for the school years, eventually the original baccalaureate diploma will be submitted).
  • I-st, II-nd and III-rd degree diplomas, awarded to the candidates within republican or international school competitions, study subjects, as well as diplomas proving participation in various competitions (Olympics), exhibitions, etc., organized by the Ministry of Education and Research or by other relevant ministries (if any).
  • 4 photos sized 3 × 4 cm (with the original documents only).
  • the certificate issued by the territorial body of guardianship and curatorship, for young people without parental care.
  • appropriate medical certificates attesting the degree of disability of the applicant or his/her parents.
  • the certificate confirming that one of the candidate’s parents participated in the military actions for the defence of the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova or the war in Afghanistan or the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, issued by competent bodies; the certificate confirming the candidate’s family member participation in post-conflict humanitarian military operations in Iraq (if necessary).
  • certificate of family membership and copies of birth certificates of siblings (for applicants from families with four or more children)
  • the confirmation of belonging to the Roma ethnic group.
  • a copy of the birth certificate of the candidate – representative of the Moldovan diaspora abroad or of one of the parents, to prove the country of origin (Republic of Moldova).
  • the military ID card for candidates who have completed military service in the armed forces of the Republic of Moldova.