Study programme

Applied Informatics

The Applied Informatics study programme is intended to train highly qualified computer specialists in the computerization of society with modern computer tools and equipment. The Applied Informatics specialization integrates knowledge in informatics (methodologies, technologies, instrumentation, database management systems, computer networks, applications and computer systems) with advanced knowledge in the application field (objects, processes, activity in society). The specialist in Applied Informatics must possess a thorough knowledge of information modelling of various objects, processes and activities in society and knowledge in the field of informatics for the effective computer-assisted support of the processes and activities required.

The programme will develop students’ key-generic competencies as follows: Problem-solving; Initiative; Critical and strategic thinking; Teamwork; Learning; Creativity; Communication in a foreign language; Understanding the cultures and customs of other countries.

Graduates of the programme can get employed with enterprises, organizations and institutions from various economic sectors and are instructed to fill positions in:

  • research, informational modelling and efficiency of various objects, processes and activities in society based on the successful application of modern information media;
  • elaboration, implementation, operation, maintenance and development of computer applications and systems;
  • coordinating activities on society computerization.

Graduates can continue their studies at Cycle II of higher education – the Master’s programme.


Bachelor of Informatics/Engineering


Romanian, Russian


Social Info

Why choose Applied Informatics?

  • highly qualified teaching and teaching staff: five habilitated doctors and fifteen doctors of science.
  • studying economics-related subjects allows you to better understand the applicability of computer science knowledge and facilitates the establishment of your own business.
  • ensuring the teaching process with didactic materials written by ASEM academics.
  • high performance IT infrastructure.
  • developing partnerships with economic agents within the IT4BI Incubator.
  • opportunity to continue your education at the Master's or PhD programmes

Employment opportunities

  • computer systems designer.
  • web and multimedia Systems Designer
  • application programmer
  • database and networks administrator
  • system administrators, etc.