Study programme

Information Technology

The Information Technology study programme has the main goal of training highly qualified engineers, ready to operate at all stages of the life cycle of information technologies, applications and information systems, necessary to improve the management processes of socio-economic units at different hierarchy levels.

Specialists are instructed for such types of activities as elaboration, development, implementation and maintenance of technologies and software tools for the efficient operation of information, including registration, storage, retrieval, processing, transmission and playback.

The field of specialization includes the functions related to ensuring the informational requirements to streamline the various economic and social processes, which take place socially both at the micro- and macroeconomic levels, based on the creation, development, maintenance and use of their IT support.

Along a wide range of activities, related to the Informatics and Applied Informatics specializations, the programme also comprises the creation/development/implementation/maintenance of applications and computer parts incorporated in diverse pieces of equipment, such as Internet objects – various physical and virtual devices, connected to the Internet with data processing facilities, automobiles, mobile phones, household equipment, lathes, assembly lines, etc.


Bachelor of Engineering


Romanian, Russian, English


Social Info

Why choose Information Technologies?

  • highly qualified teaching and teaching staff: five habilitated doctors and fifteen doctors of science.
  • high performance IT infrastructure.
  • thorough IT, English, accounting, and business skills, all necessary for an IT project specialist.
  • ensuring the teaching process with didactic materials written by ASEM academics.
  • developing partnerships with economic agents within the IT4BI Incubator.
  • opportunity to continue your education at the Master's or PhD programmes

Employment opportunities

  • computer systems designer.
  • web and multimedia Systems Designer
  • application programmer
  • database and networks administrator
  • system administrators, etc.