The study programme


The Accounting study programme aims to train qualified specialists in the field of accounting, audit and economic analysis. However, the program is designed from the perspective of offering students and future specialists a competitive advantage in the ammunition market and real-life skills for a variety of accounting roles to be able to build professional careers in the public, private and/or government sectors.

Graduates of the Accounting study program can work, both within private enterprises as well as within public authorities, as accountants, chief accountants, financial directors, internal auditors, trainees in audit companies, consultants in the financial-accounting field, financial analysts, tax inspectors, etc.

The career of an accounting specialist is also built either as an employee of an accounting firm, as a Freelancer accountant, or as an employee in a reputable audit company or, why not, the founder of his accounting firm. They can specialize either horizontally, i.e. for a certain type of enterprise (SMEs, agricultural, producing, trade, construction, service companies), or vertically (specialist in management accounting, financial, payroll, stocks, taxes and duties, etc.). Accounting itself has become a business.

Upon completion of the studies in the first Bachelor cycle, the graduates can continue the studies in the second Master’s cycle at one of the Master’s programmes: Accounting and Audit; Accounting and Associated Electronic Services; Company Finance and Accounting.


Bachelor of Economic Sciences


Romanian, Russian


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Why choose Accounting study programme?

  • to easily land a job, as well as to set up an outsourcing business or be a self-employed accountant
  • to be able to receive the international certification in the accountancy profession, offered by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). With the accreditation of the speciality by ACCA in 2014, ASEM graduates take only seven of the nine exams required to qualify for the ACCA diploma.
  • to further your studies at Master's and PhD in Accounting, Audit, or any other economic field
  • curriculum coordinated with the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova (ACAP).
  • competence and expertise of academics - practitioners, authors of textbooks in use by all higher education institutions in the country, and members of the accounting and tax reform implementation teams.

Employment opportunities

  • accountant/chief accountant
  • consultant / tax inspector
  • economist/evaluator/control and audit specialist.
  • financial and accounting consultant
  • financial expert/analyst
  • internal auditor
  • Chief Financial Officer, etc.