The study programme

General Economics

The General Economics study programme is intended for the training of specialists required in all the fields of economy. The program aims to develop economic thinking, oriented towards solving problems of the real economy, making decisions and promoting the right policies for an efficient activity, by developing analytical capacities and creativity. The program contains fundamental economic disciplines and specialized disciplines that are strictly related to speciality, all of them being focused on creating a complex system of knowledge in the economic field. The program includes various disciplines, all of them focused on training the key competencies needed by a specialist in the field of General Economics.

The disciplines included in the program will help you understand the principles of functioning of the economy and generate solutions both for enterprises at the microeconomic level and for the national economy, at the macroeconomic level. During your studies, you will be involved in real activities within the companies, which will allow you to apply the acquired knowledge and skills. Graduates of the speciality are prepared for economic activities in any field, branch, or level as counsellor/expert/inspector in public institutions; professor of economics, research economist; reviewer, a consultant on economic issues in the private sector, specialist/ expert in financial institutions, and is prepared for the successful initiation and administration of their own business, the successful monitoring of various subdivisions of companies, etc.

At the level of an economic unit, the specialist in the field of General Economy will ensure the successful development of all activities: drafting of strategies and planning of economic activity; providing economic resources, resource management, effective functioning of information and decision-making systems; creating an efficient organisational climate, evaluating the results, prospects and costs of economic activity, estimating risks and uncertainties and making decisions to reduce them. At the same time, the graduates of the “General Economy” study program are future entrepreneurs who will create jobs and schedule added value and increased efficiency activities.

Graduates of the programme can engage in economic entities and organizations from various branches of the economy both nationally and internationally and are prepared to carry out activities related to the field of the economy both at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels, regardless of the form of ownership

Graduates can continue their studies at Cycle II of higher education – the Master’s programme.


Bachelor of Economic Sciences


Romanian, Russian


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Why choose General Economics?

  • The teaching-learning process in General Economics aims at the practical skills development, economic thinking, solution-oriented problem solving in the real economy, and analytical skills training.
  • At the training stage, special attention is paid to research skills, with students being involved in research activities in student scientific circles and various research programmes.
  • Upon graduation, they demonstrate skills in design, research, organisation and management of economic activities and processes, information management, and possess analytical and creative skills.
  • During their studies in ASEM, students benefit from academic mobility programs - one semester or internship abroad.

Employment opportunities

  • economist in all areas of national economy
  • agent for goods recording, reception, and dispatch
  • dealer / stockbroker
  • insurance agent, Real Estate, and travel activities
  • advisor/expert / inspector in public and private administrations
  • financial institutions specialist
  • professor of Economics
  • economist researcher
  • economic affairs advisor.