Study programme

Econometrics and Economic Statistics

The Econometrics and Economic Statistics study programme is designed to train specialists able to explain and predict economic processes, phenomena and trends through statistical data, the teaching process being focused on developing skills in economics, statistics, actuarial calculations and information technology.

Upon completion of studies, graduates can interpret data on the activity of companies, markets and the national economy as a whole, explain and anticipate economic processes using mathematical tools, to develop econometric models for solving economic problems.

Having common ground with economics, mathematics and statistics, the programme is focused on the development of analytical and research skills, which are increasingly required by the real sector of the economy.

This is a novelty programme on the educational market of the Republic of Moldova offered by ASEM, a response to the demand of public institutions and large companies, which are looking for specialists in the field.

During the programme, students are involved in developing projects for the real economic sector, managed by faculty staff and/or companies specializing in the field.

During their studies at ASEM, students can benefit from academic mobility programmes with foreign universities.

The Master’s Programme Actuarial and business risk at the School of Excellence in Economics and Business ASEM offers continuing studies in the field.


Bachelor of Economic Science


Romanian, Russian


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Why choose Econometrics and Economic Statistics?

  • The programme is a novelty on the educational market in the country, meeting the demands of public bodies and major enterprises.
  • At the intersection of economics, mathematics and statistics, the programme focuses on fostering analytical and research skills, as increasingly demanded by the real economy sector.
  • Students participate in project work for the real economy, managed by teachers and/or specialised companies.
  • Students can benefit from academic mobility programs in universities abroad.
  • Further education is provided by the Master's programmes: Actuarial and Business Risk, Statistics and Actuarial in Economics and Business.

Employment opportunities

  • consultant/specialist/statistics expert
  • economist
  • consultant economist
  • statistics professor
  • actuary etc.