The study programme

Merceology and Commerce

The Merceology and Commerce study programme is designed to train specialists in the management of commercial activities and the procurement and marketing of food and non-food goods.

According to this study programme, the specialist qualifies for the following activities:

  • the study and analysis of the assortment of products in the sphere of production and commodity circulation;
  • the study and analysis of the quality level of products in the sphere of production and commodity circulation;
  • the identification, assessment and evaluation of the quality level of products in the sphere of production and goods circulation;
  • the research, estimation and quantification of consumer demand for goods;
  • the organisation and carrying out of the marketing and promotion of goods on the market;
  • the arrangement and storage of goods.

At graduation, following this programme, the young specialist will have a wide range of competencies to work in the fields of product quality and assortment assessment, in the sphere of production and the sphere of commodities circulation, to meet the needs of the producer and trade, and consumer requirements.

Graduates of the program can be employed in economic entities and organisations in various branches of the national economy and are prepared to occupy managerial positions, both at the level of economic agents with different forms of ownership (state, private or joint) and the national level. Graduates can continue their studies at Cycle II of higher education – the Master’s programme.


Bachelor of Economic Sciences


Romanian, Russian, English


Social Info

Why choose Merceology and Commerce?

  • highly qualifies academic staff: university professors and associate professors;
  • first-hand activities in laboratories and offices equipped with high-performance equipment: interactive whiteboards, video projectors, state-of-the-art utensils, and apparatus;
  • study programs coordinated with employers;
  • internships in the largest national companies;
  • participation in various international contests and competitions.

Employment opportunities

  • store manager
  • food/non-food products merchandiser
  • head of department in food/non-food store
  • procurement/sales manager
  • sales agent
  • laboratory worker/head of laboratory, etc.