Study programme

Business and Administration (dual education)

The Business and Administration study programme (dual education) is designed to train specialists for activities related to the management, initiation, and successful administration of business, as well as managing diverse departments in organisations.

The BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION (dual education) study programme provides the opportunity to combine the theoretical training, held in ASEM, with the hands-on training (40%) carried out in the national companies. Students will be able to develop their professional skills in various company departments and decide in which field they would like to major in.

The dual study model originated in Germany and is popular with students since it offers a university degree as well as practical experience. Additionally, students receive a monthly salary for the duration of their dual studies.

At the level of the economic unit, the specialist in the field of Business and Administration is to ensure the smooth performance of all activities, namely: planning the economic activity; shaping and improving the company’s organizational structure, securing economic resources, production/provision of services; sales; resource management, effective functioning of information and decision-making systems; monitoring the achievement of organizational objectives, establishing a positive organizational climate, and building a productive team.

Meanwhile, the graduates of the “Business and Administration” degree programme are potential entrepreneurs who will generate additional jobs and new perspectives on the social and economic progress of the country. They will be trained in identifying and exploiting business ideas and propagating and stimulating entrepreneurship.

Graduates of the program can be employed in economic entities and organisations in various branches of the national economy and are prepared to occupy managerial positions, both at the level of economic agents with different forms of ownership (state, private or joint) and at the national level.

Graduates can continue their studies at Cycle II of higher education – the Master’s programme.


Bachelor of Economic Sciences


Romanian, Russian


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Why Business and Administration programme?

  • The quality of the studies is guaranteed by:
  • subjects taught by experienced lecturers, textbook authors, renowned researchers;
  • use of the MOODLE educational platform;
  • applying the principle of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and projects;
  • mobility in universities abroad.
  • The degree programme is complemented by activities aimed at supporting students' entrepreneurial activity:
  • The annual contest “Student Today, Entrepreneur Tomorrow”
  • The BusinessLab Project;
  • Hosting businesses in business incubators;
  • Specialized trainings, mentoring, networking, and co-working.

Employment opportunities

  • entrepreneur
  • manager
  • economist
  • project coordinator
  • sales agent
  • civil servant (public bodies and institutions)
  • consultant-instructor, etc.