The study programme

Public Food Technology and Management

Technology and Management of Public Food The study programme aims to train highly qualified specialists able to ensure the design and industrialization of competitive public food products on the market and is oriented towards:

  • promotion and exploitation of modern technologies in public catering;
  • creation and promotion of new food products;
  • ensuring a contemporary product design;
  • efficient management of production and consumer service processes in the organization;
  • ensuring the security and safety of public food products.

At the level of the economic unit, the professional in the field of Food Technology is to ensure the smooth performance of all activities, namely: securing economic resources, production/provision of services; sales; economic activity planning; human resources management, and information system development.

Graduates of the program can be employed in economic entities and organisations in various branches of the national economy and are prepared to occupy managerial positions, both at the level of economic agents with different forms of ownership (state, private or joint) and at the national level.

Graduates can continue their studies at Cycle II of higher education – the Master’s programme.


Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing and Processing Technologies


Romanian, Russian


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Why choose Public Food Technology and Management?

  • advanced infrastructure: modern training canteen, laboratories with the state-of-the-art equipment
  • nationally and internationally recognised teaching staff
  • collaborations with partner universities abroad
  • international mobility for students
  • internships within production units in the Republic of Moldova, as well as abroad: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, and others.

Employment opportunities

  • public food technologist
  • maitre d’hotel / administrator
  • head of production
  • engineer technologist at design agencies and firms
  • laboratory technologist in technological laboratories
  • research assistant in the field of public catering, etc.