Extracurricular Scholarships for ASEM students

The best students of ASEM, by cultivating standards of excellence, intelligence and dedication, manage to manifest themselves at the highest level both in daily activities and outside the classes. However, what they obtain from extracurricular, scientific or social activities, also connotes when students access various scholarships offered through the competition.

The fact that ASEM students manage to combine studies with scientific research and extracurricular life is undeniable. An additional argument is the large number of ASEM students in the lists of winners of prestigious scholarships, such as the President’s Scholarship, the Government Scholarship, the Republic Scholarship, the “Scholarships for Your Future!” offered by MAIB and CIU, the Merit Scholarships offered by Mobiasbanca-OTP Group and others.

The President’s Scholarship – in order to support the academic performance of young people and their involvement in solving the social-economic problems of the state, the Government of the Republic of Moldova supports the deserved results, the diligent students and with initiative, stimulating them by offering a scholarship that students benefit from for one year.

The Government Scholarship is awarded to the best students, in order to stimulate and motivate the employment of young people in the research and development activity.  The beneficiaries of the scholarship are the students who demonstrate through the submitted file, the participation in scientific research activities, conferences, contests, national / international Olympiads, involvement in research and volunteering activities.

The scholarship of the Republic is offered to students, following the in-depth analysis by a specialized commission, responsible for examining the students’ files, based on criteria such as: average marks; educational, cultural, sports activities; Curriculum Vitae; scientific activity; publications; letters of recommendation.

Scholarships for Your Future‘ are offered to the best students of the country, to ensure quality studies here at home. Thus, for their successes and involvement, young people studying in ASEM benefit from a financial support of 10,000 lei. The winners are chosen by the Commission of Experts, following the evaluation of the submitted files. Program ‘Scholarships for Your Future!  ‘, offered by MAIB and CIU encourages young people from disadvantaged families to submit the files, just as due to limited possibilities they can often not afford to continue their studies. The program “Scholarships for Your Future!” is carried out in partnership with the University Information Center, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

The Merit Scholarship offered by’ Mobiasbanca – OTP Group within the ‘Step in GDPR, AML and Compliance program was offered in the context of organizing ten webinars with GDPR experts and Mobiasbanca – OTP Group experts in the field of compliance and AML. The specialists managed to present to the ASEM students basic theoretical and practical knowledge related to the regulatory and applicative framework in the field of personal data protection, as well as in the field of compliance, prevention and combating money laundering and terrorism financing. The participants who obtained very good results in the knowledge evaluation test benefit from the Merit Scholarship worth 10,000 lei.