Study programme

World Economy and International Economic Relations

The World Economy and International Economic Relations study program is intended for the training of specialists in the field of World Economy and International Economic Relations, able to adapt to the exigencies and dynamic changes of the national and international economic environment.

Upon completion of the program, the graduates acquire competencies of organization and management of the external economic activity of companies, departmental or ministerial structures, but also skills of coordinating the activity of internationalization of local companies, of managing human, material and financial resources within enterprises and institutions with external activity, of negotiating agreements and contracts with partners abroad.

Employment opportunities: There is a high demand for graduates with an in-depth knowledge of the world economy and international economic relations. This programme offers you excellent career opportunities, in such institutions, organizations and companies as:

  • European and international institutions and organizations
  • Diplomatic missions and trade representations abroad
  • Government bodies (ministries, departments, state agencies)
  • National and international companies
  • Customs service (customs specialist, customs broker)
  • Consulting and project management companies
  • Non-governmental organizations, etc.


Bachelor of Economic Sciences


Romanian, Russian, English, French


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Why choose World Economy and International Economic Relations?

  • it is a dynamic, creative, innovative, and elite field.
  • Ninety percent of subjects are taught in foreign languages.
  • the didactic process is performed by renowned specialists and practitioners in foreign trade, customs, economic diplomacy, and foreign affairs.
  • foreign teachers are invited to lecture in certain subjects.
  • internships in public institutions and companies with foreign capital are available.
  • the studies can be pursued at Master's level, specialities such as: Foreign Trade and Customs Activity, International Transactions and Economic Diplomacy, Economic Integration and European Affairs.

Employment opportunities

  • Foreign economic relations specialist
  • project coordinator
  • national and international projects manager
  • import-export consultant
  • consultant in economic policy and business environment
  • customs broker and dealer
  • customs specialist, etc.